I turned to Ally through desperation as although I had began working out at the gym and had attended a “Bootcamp” in order to lose weight for my wedding day, nothing seemed to be working and I had hit a plateau. With 6 weeks to go I hated the way my dress looked on me and I was faced with the possibility of having to have it altered to fit which I desperately did not want to do….ultimately I still had to make alterations, fortunately I had my dress taken in– I was perfectly fine with that!
During the 6 week training programme Ally changed my whole concept of fitness and approach to training. He set realistic goals I was able to achieve and continually encouraged and supported me to push more and dig deeper to achieve things I never would have thought possible. 6 weeks ago I couldn’t walk on the treadmill without holding on …now I can run quite comfortably for 20mins plus and can even manage bursts at 13kmh. Ally showed great patience during training sessions making them enjoyable by introducing new exercises frequently ensuring they did not become boring and tedious, he answered all my questions no matter how daft they were and never made me feel stupid for asking them.

My body shape has changed completely and my fitness levels have improved immensely. I am so pleased with the results that after initially only signing up for a 6 week course I have decided to continue working out with Ally. 1 hour with him is far more effective than anything I can achieve on my own and I know he will help me to achieve a much higher level of fitness. Training with Ally can help transform you into the person you want to be. Stop dreaming about it and start living it. – Teresa

I have been attending circuit training classes with Ally for about 9 months. I have lost nearly 3 stone in weight, my body shape has changed, my fitness levels have improved beyond recognition and I feel so much better. I have managed to make a fitness routine part of my life which is all down to the motivation and encouragement that Ally provides. – Jackie

It has been 12 months since I started training with Ally Saville at ASPT and I now believe I am in the best shape of my life. I am proud of myself for what I have achieved and give all credit to Ally for making the training so much fun and not letting me whine! Who knew lifting weights could change your body shape so much and give you a real buzz at the same time…..grrr. – Jo

I met Ally summer 2011 when I returned to the north east for work. At that time I had spent too many years developing a sedentary lifestyle, living in a car and garage snacking. A familiar set of circumstances I am sure for many. Whilst in Elgin my family remained in south west Scotland and to keep me company over this period my wife bought a series of eight personal training sessions with Ally. This was the kick start I needed. I enjoyed the sessions so much that I kept Ally on one day a week until I returned back home earlier this year. In 2011 I wouldn’t have been able to run to catch a bus, now I am running two or three times a week, road, trail and hills with my wife and friends.
Ally tailored a programme to meet my personal objectives which were to get ‘fit for fifty’ and to lose weight all of which I have achieved. I lost three stone and am mentally much more alert!

I probably don’t miss (actually I do!) getting up at 6.00 am and running on Lossie beach and going through various upper and lower body exercises with Ally. It never ceased to amaze me that every week Ally always came up with a different programme – and always smiling!

I can’t recommend Ally highly enough. He knows what he is doing, he knows how to push you (and when to back off) and he delivers in spades. However, over this period he has become a real friend and if he was to relocate to south west Scotland I would be his first client of many. – Mark