Why am I not losing weight?? Part 2.

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1. You are making the wrong exercise choices


ZUMBA??Of course if you are a beginner you need to gradually ease yourself into exercise, learn techniques and good form etc etc, however far too many people stroll through workouts barely breaking a sweat. Your body needs to be challenged, it needs to be put under stress, your body needs to know it has had it’s ass kicked so it can come back bigger and stronger next time. Long gone are the days of low intensity cardio for fat loss, you are more likely to lose muscle mass which isn’t good. Get down to your local gym learn how to lift weights and watch the lbs melt away. If you wish to add cardio to your routine make it short, sharp and at a high intensity.

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2. You have underlying stress factors


smileStress can play a huge factor in your weight loss journey, this is mainly down to hormonal imbalances. Cortisol is an anti stress hormone therefore we need a certain amount of it in our bodies, however too much can be detrimental. High cortisol levels have been proven to hamper weight loss and even cause weight gain especially around the stomach and hips, cortisol may also limit you adding lean muscle tissue to your frame. So try and make changes to the areas of your life causing stress and feel happier and healthier. Another way to reduce those stress levels is make sure you get enough rest and sleep which brings me onto my next point.

3. You are not getting enough rest or sleep


sleepAlthough I have stated you need to work hard to achieve your goals you also need an adequate amount of rest to allow your body to recover and repair. Overtraining can become a stress factor, again leading to raised cortisol levels and a lack of progress. Sleep too is extremely important, when you are sleeping your body your body does most of its regeneration and repair. A lack of sleep will lead to excess cortisol production and decrease insulin sensitivity, both of which are detrimental to fat loss.

So make sure you factor in those rest days and  try to get no less than 8 hours sleep (unless you run your own gym). Try these tips to improve your sleep pattern;

1. Remove all caffeine sources during the last few hours before bed

2. Limit all electronic stimulus; TV, computer, phone etc for half an hour before bed to allow your brain to switch off a little

3. Try listening to some chilled out music while sipping on a camomile tea!!

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