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ASPT are hiring!

Due to continued demand we have an exciting opportunity for a new Personal Trainer to join our team at Ally Saville Personal Training. The ideal candidate will have extensive Personal Training and group class experience, be a motivated self-starter and have a passion for working in the health and fitness industry. This is the perfect […]

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Protein….the benefits and how much do I need?

What is protein? Proteins are large, complex molecules that play many critical roles in the body. They do most of the work in cells and are required for the structure, function, and regulation of the body’s tissues and organs. Protein is found in hair, nails, bone muscles and cells and are involved in most functions […]

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Bulk or cut?…that is the question!

As a Personal Trainer I am frequently asked by clients if it possible to reduce body fat and add muscle to their frame at the same time? Most of you will think yeh sure and plan your training diary by firing in weight sessions to add some muscle and add a couple of cardio sessions to […]

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Why am I not losing weight?? Part 2.

1. You are making the wrong exercise choices   Of course if you are a beginner you need to gradually ease yourself into exercise, learn techniques and good form etc etc, however far too many people stroll through workouts barely breaking a sweat. Your body needs to be challenged, it needs to be put under […]

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About ASPT

About ASPT

‘Ally Saville Personal Training’ is a first class health and fitness service based in Elgin, Moray. Our unique facility is the only one if its kind open to the public in the area. With the best of Strength and Conditioning equipment, the originality of its classes and its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, ASPT Studio & Gym strives to be the number one place to train in Moray. Our hard working staff have a real passion for health, fitness and nutrition; their dedication and enthusiasm will help you achieve your goals.

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